Jim Edmonds “Totally Had to Dive” For That Ball

April 25, 2008

Jim Edmonds dive catch

(St. Louis, MO) – St. Louis Cardinals Center Fielder Jim Edmonds is known for his impressive catches in the outfield. Sometimes it’s on the run. Sometimes it’s by the shoestrings. Sometimes it’s over the shoulder. Quite often, though, it’s a sliding catch.

Sometimes when the ball is hit right at him.

“I’m an awesome fielder, what can I say?” Responded Edmonds to questions about his defensive choices. “People think I make easy catches look hard, but that’s [bologna]. The catches I make are hard. Really hard. When that liner gets shoved into my mitt, it’s hard, and I feel it smacking in there. But it’s a great feeling. Like getting hugged on the inside.”

As for his penchant for dives on balls that seemingly could be caught without such theatrics, Edmonds was indignant. “I know when I have to dive. Like the other night, that lazy pop fly hit right to me? I totally had to dive for it. I knew Rick [Ankiel] wasn’t going to get there – he hasn’t gotten a shipment in weeks.”

“The fact of the matter is, I like to dive at balls,” Edmonds went on to say. “I don’t really care where the balls have been or where they’re going. If I see those white balls flopping up there in the wind, I’m gonna dive right at them. It’s what I do.”

“The only balls I don’t dive for are sac’s (sacrifice flies). I know I’ve got to catch the sac’s standing up so I can cradle them gently, and toss them back home.”
(In case it isn’t painfully obvious, the Brickyard is a PARODY news publication, so accounts and quotes are FICTIONAL. Jim did not say these things… but *everything* else stated is true and accurate. No one should construe this fake article as being fact. Additionally, any similarity between this and other publications is entirely coincidental. Don’t sue. We don’t have money anyway.)


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