NEWSBRIEF: Felix Pie Suffers Twisted Testicle, Alfonso Soriano Suffers Broken Finger, Cubs Nation Suffers Coincidence-itis

April 25, 2008

According to, the two injuries happened late last week and/or over the weekend.

“All I’m saying is I know they’re close,” Cub fan Reggie Copeland said Monday in response to the disclosure of injuries to Cub outfielders Felix Pie and Alfonso Soriano. “Look. If one were going to twist someone’s testicle – I’m not saying it happened, I’m just saying if – how would one do it? Would they not do it with their fingers? I’m just saying there are scenarios here. Scenarios.”

Curious happenings with the pair (Pie and Soriano, not Pie’s testicles) have been previously reported here at the Brickyard.

Cubs Felix Pie excited with Alfonso Soriano
Cameras caught the double injury just moments after it happened. (photo courtesy Chicago Tribune)


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