White Sox Pitcher Almost Throws No-Hitter – Nation Still Watches Cubs

May 7, 2008

Chicago Cubs Fans Celebration

(Minneapolis, MN / Cincinnati, OH) – Last night, something incredibly exciting was happening in the baseball world. The Nation turned its eyes to watch something special – something it loved to see happen.

The Chicago Cubs shutout the Cincinnati Reds 3-0.

Elsewhere in the world of baseball, there apparently some other mild excitement as a pitcher for the White Sox, no one really knows or cares to find out his name, took a no-hitter into the 9th inning against the Minnesota Twins. But the Nation didn’t watch. As usual, the Nation preferred to watch the Cubs.

“Yeah, I guess I heard it this morning [that the White Sox almost had a no-hitter],” the Nation said Wednesday. “But the Cubs were on, and they were winning. Why would I watch some minor league team over the Cubs?”

When corrected that the White Sox were indeed a fellow Major League team, the Nation was unphased. “Ok, whatever. I’d still rather watch the Cubs. I mean, I guess the Cubs game ended before that White Sox game, so I could have switched over. But there’s post-game wrapup of the Cubs game, Sportscenter highlights of the Cubs game, and I have to write something on it for my blog while it’s fresh in my mind.”

“No-hitter or not, I just don’t see why anyone would choose to watch the White Sox over the Cubbies,” the Nation continued. “Maybe if the White Sox had won a championship in the last 50 years, I’d be more interested. But until they do, I’m sticking to my Cubs.”


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