Chicago Bulls Decide to Go Very Young in NBA Draft – Take Freshman Derrick Rose in First, Zygote in Second

June 27, 2008

Derrick Rose Bulls Draft

(New York, NY) – The 2008 NBA Draft went off last night without a hitch, and many teams dramatically improved their overall situation with draft-day deals. But the storyline dominating the draft was the emergence of young stars as the players every team was targeting. A record 12 freshman were drafted, and it was the first time ever that freshman went 1-2-3 in the draft – though freshman Greg Oden and Kevin Durant went 1-2 last year.

The first freshman selected was Memphis point guard, Derrick Rose, who went to the Bulls with the first overall selection. Clearly interested in “going young” in the draft, the Bulls then set their sites on an even younger target: a zygote.

The zygote, a union of two haploid cells – an ovum from Cheryl Miller and a sperm cell from Magic Johnson – into a single diploid cell, had declared for the draft just one week earlier. Before that, the zygote said, it was weighing offers from West Virginia, Kansas State, and USC to play college ball.

Assuming the Bulls and the zygote can get around the NBA rule that prohibits entrants who are not at least one year out of high school, it still begs the question: why draft a single cell when there are actual people still available?

“You hear a lot about teams drafting for potential, and that’s all we’re doing,” Bulls GM John Paxson said after the draft. “We know this zygote is probably not going to contribute next year, and maybe not even in the next two years. But we feel strongly that eventually, he’ll step it up. Well, assuming it’s a he.”

“People want to say, but John, how is the zygote going to play ball? The zygote doesn’t have legs. It doesn’t have arms. It doesn’t even have hands. Well you know what? Maybe it doesn’t have legs or arms or hands. But it has a whole lot of heart.”

“Oh, wait, it doesn’t have a heart? Well, wait a couple weeks.”


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