Sean Gallagher Suspects Being Asked to Hold Fireworks During 4th of July Display “Might be hazing”

July 4, 2008

Sean Gallagher Bunt Cubs

(St. Louis, MO) – All across the country today, festive patriots are proudly displaying their love for this country by waiving American flags, getting together for cookouts, and of course, lighting off fireworks. And things are no different for the Chicago Cubs.

This year Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster hosted the Cubs’ 4th of July festivities late Thursday night before the Cubs series against the St. Louis Cardinals begins. He was helped by young teammate Sean Gallagher whom Dempster asked to hold the fireworks during the display.

While Dempster lit them off.

Gallagher, though not in his first go-around with the Cubs, is still very much thought of as a rookie. But are his teammates still treating him like a rookie, and giving him a little bit of the hazing treatment? Gallagher is becoming suspicious.

“I know they like me and all, but is it normal to have someone hold the fireworks as they are lit off?” Gallagher wonders aloud. “I don’t think it is, and so I think it might be hazing.”

Despite weeks of totally useful requests from veteran teammates, this is the first time Gallagher has suspected hazing.

“When Aramis Ramirez asked me to wash his retainer with my toothbrush, figured it was just that he needed help. And the old Ben-gay in the jock strap thing… well, I kind of liked it.” But with the recent fireworks request, Gallagher is curious.

“It wasn’t just the holding the fireworks part. Dempster also made me ask Kosuke Fukudome to come watch ‘the magical exploding powder rockets from the East.’ After the whole tee-shirt thing, I don’t blame Kosuke for punching me in the face.”

But Dempster says the Cubs don’t haze. “Look, if we were hazing him, we would have made him hold the fireworks with his butt. As it stands, we only fired a few bottlerockets off that way, and maybe a Roman candle. It looked like he had eaten a fiery rainbow.”

After this recent episode, Gallagher is also starting suspect requests to serenade the Cincinnati Reds’ rookies, to eat a live scorpion, and to shave Derrek Lee’s face into his chest may also be hazing.


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