Brewers Go Dumpster Diving in San Francisco – Acquire Ray Durham and a “Totally Wearable” Shirt

July 21, 2008

Dumpster Diving Brewers Giants

(San Francisco, CA) – The Milwaukee Brewers went to San Francisco this weekend, and left with a three-game sweep over the Giants. But that’s not all they left with. They also left with proof that one team’s trash might just be another team’s treasure.

Shortly before the Brewers took on the Giants in Sunday’s series finale, Brewers General Manager Doug Melvin stole away to an alley behind AT&T Park to get to work. Melvin found the biggest dumpster in the alley, and started diving.

“I’m just thrilled with what I found,” Melvin said. “It was better than a yard sale, it was all free. I totally found [former Giant second baseman] Ray Durham in there. Can you believe somebody just threw this out? Just because they came out with a newer, better model doesn’t mean you throw the old one out.”

“Of course, my wife was screaming at me the whole time. ‘We don’t need that, what are you gonna do with that?’ Nag, nag, nag. Ray can be used for all kinds of things. Pinch hitter. Veteran presence. Coat rack. Spare parts. Whatever, you know?”

Finding Durham is just another move in the Cubs-Brewers ongoing chess match of moves, including Milwaukee’s acquisition of C.C. Sabathia, and the Cubs’ acquisition of Rich Harden. Neither was found in a dumpster, though.

Durham wasn’t the only treasure waiting for the Brewers underneath a half-eaten ham sandwich and a discarded bottle of Tide.

“We were almost done looking around in there, but then I found a freaking free tee shirt! It’s got a hole or two and a big mayonaise stain, well, I hope. But otherwise, it’s totally wearable. I think I’m more stoked about the shirt than Durham.”

“So all in all, good trip out to San Francisco. I’m not gonna lie, though. A part of me was hoping we’d see Oscar the Grouch in there.”


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  1. A Union guy on July 21st, 2008 7:04 pm

    Only union guys are allowed in that dumpster!

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