On Possible Cubs Owner Mark Cuban: You Either Love Him or Hate Him or You Think He’s Just OK

July 28, 2008

Mavericks and Cubs Owner Mark Cuban Crazy

(Chicago, IL) – The sale of the Chicago Cubs is nearing its closing stages, and according to reports, the list of suitors has been trimmed to three. Among the three, and reportedly the highest bidder at $1.3 billion, is Mavericks owner (and maverick owner) Mark Cuban.

Cuban is an eccentric type in the mold of George Steinbrenner, but one that clearly cares deeply about whether his Mavericks win. But are his antics too much for some Cubs fans? To be certain, the idea of Mark Cuban as the Chicago Cubs’ owner always evokes strong responses from Cubs fans – in both directions. Or something.

Newspapers and television shows excitedly report platitudes about the divisive nature of Mark Cuban. He is such a large personality, that those who know him either love him or hate him, they relish in saying. And we’re sure that they’re right – clearly it is only possible to either love Mark Cuban, or absolutely hate him. Mostly.

Just ask any Cub fan, and they’ll scream at you about Mark Cuban that they love him, or they hate him. They will all do it. Every time. Except sometimes.

“Mark Cuban is exactly what the Cubs need,” Ella Pilney of Lincoln Park says. “A passionate, rich owner, willing to spend to win. I love him.”

“Mark Cuban is a freak, and I don’t want him,” says Mark Foster of Wrigleyville. “His antics distract from the game, and I can’t stand it. And I can’t stand him.”

Yes, the reactions are strong to the suggestion of Mark Cuban as Cubs owner. Except when they’re not.

“Whatever, man,” Billy Simmons of the near West side says. “I don’t really care who owns the Cubs. As long as they keep playing, and do all right, whoever is fine. Cuban? I mean, I guess he’s ok.”

It is therefore clear, that reports of Cuban as completely loved or hated is spot on true, almost. Everyone either loves or hates Mark Cuban, or they think he’s somewhere in between. And that’s quite a story.


7 Responses to “On Possible Cubs Owner Mark Cuban: You Either Love Him or Hate Him or You Think He’s Just OK”

  1. Kate on July 28th, 2008 8:55 am

    Funny headline. not sure I get the rest.

  2. CubSince69 on July 28th, 2008 11:06 am

    It will be the end of an era in American sports if Cuban gets the Cubs.

    The Cubs have been America’s Team for 100 years precisely because they AREN’T owned by a Steinbrenner or Huizinga or a corporation. They haven’t allowed wife beaters and drunk drivers and tattooed rappers and drug users on the team just because they can hit.

    Why does Cuban want to buy the Cubs? So he can be the caretaker of OUR club?

    No . . . HE wants it to make it HIS club. Sure, he’ll “fix” it for us (Thanks, Mark), but does anyone really believe he is buying this club for America, the fans, kids or for any other reason than because he wants to have fun with it?

    In an era of clubs moving from city to city, egomaniacal owners trying to buy rings and squads being broken apart every 18 months, the Cubs are the last vestige of what pro sports used to be in America.

    If Cuban gets the Cubs, it will be the end of an era.

    I truly hope the Cubs win the World Series this year, before Cuban gets his hands on them and claims victory if they eventually win.

    He wasn’t born in Chicago. He didn’t go to college in Chicago. He doesn’t live in Chicago.

    Why, all of a suddn, does he LOVE the Cubs?

    Cuban is about ego and money, and that’s what the Cubs will be about if he gets them. Gimmicks and fights with the league and embarrassing behavior.

    Goodbye, Cubbies . . . thanks for great childhood memories and keeping the game real for as long as you did.

  3. Ace on July 28th, 2008 4:44 pm

    Solid comment, but I think HE thinks he’s doing it because he’s a big fan. Whether that’s actually true remains to be seen.

    So let’s say he wins the bidding and the Cubs don’t win this year. But then he spends like crazy next year, and the Cubs finally win it all.

    How is Cuban received then? As a hero? Or does the style by which he won things taint the championship?

  4. Mark Cuban on July 29th, 2008 12:45 pm

    I think I’m just ok.

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  7. Carlton on November 29th, 2008 10:16 am

    Cuban has a nice ass-et.

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