Yankees Still Plan on Showing Up to Playoffs

September 29, 2008

derek jeter pictures

(New York, NY) – Baseball’s biggest party starts this week, and for the first time in 13 years, the New York Yankees aren’t invited. The party, of course, is the playoffs, and thanks in part to an historic season by the Tampa Bay Rays, the Yankees fell short of qualifying this year.

But apparently failing to qualify for the playoffs isn’t going to stop the Yankees this year. It’s still world championship or bust. Read more

Schedule Leaves Cubs with Say in Wild Card, Cubs Choose San Diego Padres

September 26, 2008

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(New York, NY) – As the Cubs wrapped up their series with the New York Mets and headed off for a series against the Milwaukee Brewers, the team realized that thanks to the schedule, the Cubs were having a pretty substantial say in which team wins the National League Wild Card.

That’s because the Cubs play the Wild Card-leading Mets and Brewers in two of their last three series of the year. How the Cubs play will have no effect on the Cubs, but will have a dramatic effect on the Wild Card winner.

And with this responsibility in mind, the Cubs made an interesting choice Thursday night. Read more

Jason Marquis Pitching His Way Into Postseason Rotation Spot that Doesn’t Exist

September 24, 2008

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(New York, NY) – Jason Marquis picked the perfect time to really turn things on.

Once the Chicago Cubs virtually clinched a playoff berth several weeks ago, and the playoff rotation was virtually set with the Cubs’ front four starters (Ryan Dempster, Rich Harden, Carlos Zambrano, and Ted Lilly), Jason Marquis decided it was time to start really pitching well. He even capped off a solid string of starts with a grand slam in Monday’s game against the New York Mets.

And it doesn’t really matter. Read more

Cubs Clinch Central Division Crown, Render Rest of Regular Season Totally Meaningless

September 22, 2008

(Chicago, IL) – Break out the champagne and toast the 2008 National League Central champions, the Chicago Cubs. And don’t bother stopping for like another week and a half.

That’s because when the Cubs clinched on Saturday, they did so with nine games left in the regular season. Nine games that now mean absolutely nothing. Read more

Geo Soto Officially Better than Geo Metro

September 19, 2008

cubs geo

(Chicago, IL) – There are moments in a player’s career that define how he will be perceived by history.

Kirk Gibson hobbling off the bench. Derek Jeter diving into the seats. Moises Alou peeing on his hands.

Well that moment may very well have happened yesterday for the Chicago Cubs’ young catcher Geovany Soto. When Soto hit a 3-run homer to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth with two outs against the Brewers yesterday, everyone knew for certain something they’d wondered and hoped for months: Geo Soto was finally, officially better than the Geo Metro. Read more

Brewers Players, Coaches, Management Can’t Help but Feel at Least Partially Responsible for Collapse

September 17, 2008

Milwaukee Brewers logo

(Milwaukee, WI) – It’s been a brutal stretch for the Milwaukee Brewers. Just a few weeks ago, the team was right on the heels of the Chicago Cubs for the National League Central division lead, and had a comfortable lead of its own in the National League Wild Card race. But after last night’s loss to the Cubs – something that’s happened regularly this year – Milwaukee has fallen nine games back of the Cubs and a half game back of the New York Mets for the Wild Card.

Two days ago, in the midst of this possibly historic collapse, the Brewers unceremoniously dumped manager Ned Yost, making him the scapegoat for the team’s struggles. But can Yost fairly take all of the blame? His former team tends to think mostly yes. Read more

Carlos Zambrano No-Hits Astros, Feasts on Their Flesh

September 15, 2008

Chicago Cubs Carlos Zambrano crazy

(Milwaukee, WI) – It was a home game for the Houston Astros, but you certainly couldn’t tell. The stadium wasn’t the Astros’. The fans weren’t cheering for the Astros. The winning team wasn’t the Astros. And the biggest star on the field wasn’t an Astro.

It was the guy absolutely mowing down the Astros. No-hitting them. Destroying them. Devouring them. Read more

Cubs and Astros to Play in Milwaukee, People to Actually Come to Miller Park

September 14, 2008

(Milwaukee, WI) – The furious wrath of Tina Turner’s angry husband in hurricane form forced the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros to delay a critical series this weekend, but MLB announced last night that the series will go forward. Though it cannot be played in Houston as originally scheduled, the league was able to secure an open and empty venue to play at least two of the three games: Milwaukee’s Miller Park.

And no one is more excited about it than the proprietors of Miller Park. Read more

Cubs, Astros Refuse to Play for Hurricane Ike

September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike postpones Cubs Astros

(Houston, TX) – The Major League Baseball season is roaring towards October, with every series becoming critically important. Perhaps no series is more important than this weekend’s series between the National League Central leading Chicago Cubs, and the scorchingly hot Houston Astros. The Cubs are trying to sew up the Central, and with some deft maneuvering, the Astros have sprinted their way back into the playoff discussion, just three games out of the NL Wildcard.

Yes, this weekend’s series could go a long way to deciding who makes the playoffs this year in the National League.

And the Cubs and Astros have decided not to play it. Read more

Cardinal Fans – Can We At Least Agree This is the Greatest Rivalry in Sports, oh, and You’re a Douchebag?

September 10, 2008

(St. Louis, MO) – Chicago Cubs fans and St. Louis Cardinal fans don’t agree on much.

And why should they? The two teams are locked in a battle in the National League, as they are many years, fighting it out for the Central crown or the NL Wildcard spot in the playoffs. But as we face each other in another bitter, crucial September series, maybe it’s time for us to bury the hatchet – and no, not into each other. Read more

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