Tim McCarver Enjoying His First Baseball Games in a Year

October 27, 2008

announcer tim mccarver

(Philadelphia, PA) – Along with his compatriot, Joe Buck, Tim McCarver is really enjoying announcing games on Fox this year. He says it is exhilirating, exciting, and it is what he lives for. He loves to talk baseball, and this gives him an opportunity to do it in front of the widest possible audience.

He says is also enjoying announcing these games because it’s given him a reason to actually watch a baseball game for the first time since the World Series last year.

“Yes sir, first games this year. And what a great series to start watching, huh?” McCarver spins in his folksy way. “Baseball is such an incredible sport, and one that I love. So it’s great to finally be able to watch it again.”

Some fans find it hard to believe that McCarver, a veteran of the announcer’s booth and previously a player, himself, could only be watching his first games of this baseball year now in the World Series.

But then they listen to him.

“Now, Ryan Howard is the Phillies first baseman, and he is a power hitter,” McCarver garbled out in game one. “If you throw him a fastball, he can hit it far. I believe he had several home runs this year, right Joe?”

And in game three, when the umpires briefly conferenced and decided to use instant replay to review a potential BJ Upton home run, McCarver was befuddled. “You see, Joe, the crew is going to get together to talk about the call, and make sure they get it right. Now the crew chief is running into the dugout. He, um, must have to use the restroom. Fine time to do it while the other umpires conference about this home run call.”

McCarver says he simply hasn’t gotten around to seeing a game until called upon to work the World Series. But that doesn’t stop him from acting like he knows everything about the game. And it can lead to awkward moments, like his diatribe against the Devil Rays for calling up a youngster like Evan Longoria to play in the World Series when he’d “never played a Major League game before.”

Next year, McCarver plans to do things the same way, claiming watching the regular season might “fill his head with useless information” and corrupt his already “perfect knowledge of the game.”


One Response to “Tim McCarver Enjoying His First Baseball Games in a Year”

  1. Joey T. on November 1st, 2009 10:39 pm

    It shows that this man does not watch baseball games. He is a baffoon that does not know what he is talking about. He claims Arod getting hit 3 at bats in a row is not retaliation for hitting a HR, but is the result of Major league pitchers, trying to pitch him inside. So, basically he is saying that Phillies pitchers are so bad that not only can they not hit the inside, but they accidentally hit him in the back in 3 out of 4 at bats. Just retire already man.

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