Cubs to Play in First Summer Classic at United Center

January 9, 2009

(Chicago, IL) – Last week, the nation was treated to something very different. The NHL staged a hockey game at Wrigley Field! Outdoors! Isn’t that wacky!?

The third annual Winter Classic took Chicago by storm, as the Chicago Blackhawks played host to the Detroit Red Wings in a specialty rink crafted at Wrigley Field just for this event. So successful was the event that Major League Baseball is looking to try its hand at a zany crossover game.

On August 25, the Chicago Cubs will take on the Detroit Tigers at the United Center where, among other less exciting things, the Chicago Blackhawks play hockey.

The Cubs front office will be coordinating the event, and they are excited, if nervous.

“There are kinks to work out, obviously,” Chairman Crane Kenney said. “The United Center managment has informed us that they don’t offer zamboni services in the summer, which sucks, because I promised Milton Bradley that he could drive the thing. It was a condition of his signing.”

“But then again, I guess it probably makes sense that they don’t run the zamboni in the summer, because they also don’t have chilling services in the late summer. Yeah. So it’ll technically be, again, if you want to get technical, a swimming pool.”

For Major League Baseball’s part, they like the chances of the event succeeding.

“It’s gonna be baseball… indoors! Isn’t that crazy?” Commissioner Bud Selig, the former owner of the Milwaukee Brewers – whose Miller Park has a retractable roof, thus making it indoors.

“This isn’t just a money grab, or a desperate attempt by a dying professional sports league to bring in new fans with a gimmick that will never last. This is just good, old fashioned American baseball. Brought to you from a hockey arena. In a swimming pool. I can already see the web gems. It’s gonna be great.”


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