Kosuke Fukudome Claims He Didn’t Even Notice Jessica Biel Had a Nude Scene in ‘Powder Blue’

May 20, 2009

jessica biel bikini hot(St. Louis, MO) – The Chicago Cubs are in St. Louis to take on the Cardinals, and are already down a game in the series. So you would think their focus would be straight on the opponent.

But one Cub appears to be letting his mind wander. Soon after the Cubs were shut out by Joel Piniero, Kosuke Fukudome had sprinted out of the clubhouse to find a local movie theater. Why?

He absolutely had to see the critically-panned flick ‘Powder Blue.’

The movie, simultaneously released in theaters and on DVD, which is always a sign of quality, stars a number of A-list actors who likely regret the turn. The film is more notable, however, for one particular actor.

jessica biel half nakedJessica Biel plays a stripper in the film, who in fact strips on screen. ‘Powder Blue’ has become synonymous with seeing Jessica Biel naked, and largely that is the only reason anyone has seen the movie.

But not Kosuke Fukudome, or so he says.

“I’m just very into American film, and I thought ‘Powder Blue’ was an artistic powerhouse,” Fukudome said through his interpreter, who also says he enjoys the film. “I do not even know this Jessica Biel. I just like great movies, and I simply had to see it again.”

“I have now seen it 13 times,” Fukudome continued, “but I don’t notice such things as Jessica Biel’s beautiful breasts. I liked the other guy’s performance where he did the things and acted so well. That’s what I was watching. All of the scenery and things. And dialog.”

jessica biel nakedFukudome says he also bought the movie, which he carries with him wherever he goes. The DVD is wrapped in tissues and vaseline, which Fukudome claims “protects the original casing.”


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  1. Nati on May 21st, 2009 8:02 am

    I was also unaware of this fact but I already have it on my netflix queue.

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