Chicago Cubs: “Actually, we were scouting Pedro’s midget friend”

June 25, 2009

(Santa Louisa, D.R.) – This Major League Baseball season has been unusual in a number of regards, but one notable oddity is the number of players that remain unsigned, even as we approach July.

One such player still looking for a job is former Cy Young winner and superstar pitcher Pedro Martinez. Recently, several teams headed to the Dominican Republic to scout Martinez, and scouts for the Chicago Cubs made the trip as well.

But they’re now uncomfortably admitting that they weren’t there to scout Pedro. Read more

Paparazzi Catch Ted Lilly on the Town with New Girlfriend

June 18, 2009

ted-lilly-smurfett(Chicago, IL) – The Chicago Cubs are mired in an offensive slump, and a terrible month overall. Still, the starting pitching has remained excellent – the best in baseball for quite a stretch.

The shining star of the group is left-hander Ted Lilly, who has brought his ERA all the way under three. Lilly has always been a solid starter, but he’s never been one that folks would consider the ace of a staff. So what’s his secret this year?

Aggressive paparazzi may have discovered the secret late last night when Lilly was out on the town. And he wasn’t alone. Read more

Jake Fox: “Oh, the Cubs have offensive woes? I couldn’t tell from all the way here in Iowa.”

June 11, 2009

(Houston, TX) – Another day, another pathetic offensive showing by the Chicago Cubs.

After back to back 2-1 losses to the hapless Houston Astros, and a stretch of offensive misery before that, the Cubs are looking for answers, and largely coming up empty. And when they look for help in their farm system, all they get back is a possibly sarcastic response.

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Jim Hendry: Euthanizing Milton Bradley “Easiest Decision I Ever Made”

June 5, 2009

(Chicago, IL) – Sometimes, it’s just time.

This week, Chicago Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley suffered another injury, adding to a list of dozens that stretch over his damaged career. It has become very difficult to watch.

That’s why Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry had to make a decision – one that probably should have been very difficult. But Hendry says it was the easiest decision he’s ever made.

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