Jim Hendry: Euthanizing Milton Bradley “Easiest Decision I Ever Made”

June 5, 2009

(Chicago, IL) – Sometimes, it’s just time.

This week, Chicago Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley suffered another injury, adding to a list of dozens that stretch over his damaged career. It has become very difficult to watch.

That’s why Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry had to make a decision – one that probably should have been very difficult. But Hendry says it was the easiest decision he’s ever made.

“When he looked up at him with those doughy eyes after his 93rd injury,” Hendry said of Bradley, “I knew it was time.”

“I had friends offer me kindness and support, and empathy,” Hendry went on with what could only be described as a suppressed smile. “They said they understood how difficult the decision could be after a lifetime of kindness, loyalty, and service. But I keep trying to tell them that he wasn’t anything like that. I mean, it was really an easy decision. Boom. Flick the switch. I had a harder time choosing my topping at DQ last night. Alas, I have the buyer’s remorse. Toffee. Who goes with toffee?”

This isn’t the first time that Hendry has had to make such a decision.

“Last year we had to put [reliever] Chad Fox down, and that was difficult. I have a special relationship with Chad, so you can imagine how hard it was to put him to sleep last year after another serious elbow injury. And then how hard it was to see him come back to life this year, be filled with joy and hope, only to hurt his elbow again. That’s the last damn time I bury a reliever in the pet cemetery.”

“And then there was the Ryan Theriot incident. You know, it’s possible we may have jumped the gun on that one. Oh well. Live and learn, and eat delicious Theriot meat.”


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  1. Nati on June 15th, 2009 8:08 am

    A decision that should have been made a LONG time ago.

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