Jim Hendry: I Knew I Shouldn’t Have Ordered All That Champagne

September 30, 2009

(Chicago, IL) – Well, it happened. It was unexpected, and it took a long time to become official, but it happened just the same.

The Chicago Cubs have been eliminated from 2009 playoff contention.

The players are doing their best to take it in stride, but there is obvious disappointment. And Cubs fans are understandably crushed. But no one seems to be taking it quite as hard as Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry. Though his extreme disappointment does not necessarily stem from what you might think. Read more

Milton Bradley “So Sorry” for Upstaging Taylor Swift

September 15, 2009

milton-and-taylor(New York, NY) – The MTV Video Music Awards are always a place for excitement. Whether it is beautiful pop stars or elegant movie stars, the event always brings out the glamorous elite.

But Major League Baseball players?

Typically no. But this year’s even was full of surprises. Read more

Alfonso Soriano to Have Knee Surgery, Preemptive Hip Replacement

September 7, 2009

(Chicago, IL) – It’s been a long, painful season in Chicago for the hometown Cubs. And the pain is as much literal as it is figurative.

Namely, the pain in outfielder Alfonso Soriano’s knee has forced the Cubs to shut him down, possibly for the year. Soon, Soriano will undergo knee surgery to determine the source if his problems, and see about correcting any issues. But at Soriano’s advancing age, any surgery – particularly on the lower half – can be a risk.

That’s why Soriano has decided to kill two birds with one stone. Read more