Milton Bradley Starting to Feel Unwelcome

November 24, 2009

(Chicago, IL) – This time last year, the middle of the Chicago Cubs lineup was in need of a boost. General Manager Jim Hendry had several options available – Raul Ibanez, Adam Dunn, and Bobby Abreu, to name a few. But those players simply didn’t bring to the table what Hendry believed the Cubs truly needed.

Conspiracy-spoutin’, eyeball-poppin’, cat-eatin’ craziness. So Hendry checked the stat sheets, and went with a sure thing: Milton Bradley. And Bradley brought his A-game to the Cubs, who were grateful for providing a spark.

But after a year in Chicago, Milton Bradley says he’s starting to get the impression that he’s not wanted anymore. Read more

Yankees Using 27th Championship to Prop Up Garage Door

November 14, 2009

garage-trophy(New York, NY) – The New York Yankees are the toast of town once again. For the 27th time in their storied history, the Yankees are World Series champions. And the team seemed very excited about it when they left the field last week to celebrate.

But now that the glow of winning has passed, the Yankees seem decidedly less enthused about having another championship trophy. Read more

Matt Holliday Unsuccessfully Tries to Catch Remote with Groin

November 7, 2009

(St. Louis, MO) – The 2009 baseball season is finally behind us, the playoffs and World Series having concluded this week. This year’s effort was full of tremendous plays and indelible memories. For Cubs and Cardinals fans alike, one such memory, imprinted on our brains, is the picture of Cardinals outfielder Matt Holiday dropping a crucial fly ball in game 2 of the NLDS.

The fly ball, as if drawn by a higher power, somehow avoided Holliday’s extended glove, and planted itself squarely into Holliday’s groin. It was as if America’s Funniest Home Videos was filming on location. And now, Holliday says, it’s gotten worse. Read more