Carlos Zambrano Tells Fans to Start Calling Him “The Situation”

January 25, 2010

carlos-the-situation1(Chicago, IL) – The Major League Baseball off-season is hitting its strides, and players all over are finding ways to cope with the long stretch of downtime. Some players like to relax and take vacations. Other players begin a workout regimen, ensuring that their bodies are in peak physical condition for the subsequent season.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano found a way to combine the two, and was recently on a local radio show touting his new physique and his recent vacation. Read more

In Light of McGwire Steroid Revelation, Sammy Sosa Admits He Can Speak English

January 16, 2010

(New York, NY) – Folks always suspected that something illicit was behind Mark McGwire’s explosive numbers during his playing days. It was some five years ago when, before Congress and the entire world, Mark McGwire refused to speak about his past, effectively admitting his transgressions. And then this week, McGwire formally admitted to steroid usage during his playing career.

But Mark McGwire was not the only participant at that Congressional hearing who left the Congressmen and national viewers scratching their heads. Former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa also testified that day, but admitted nothing – indeed discussed almost nothing – deferring with empty, short statements, offered in terribly broken English. Today, Sosa is ready to set the record straight. Read more

Colts to Rest Starters for the Postseason to Ensure Freshness for Next Year’s Playoffs

January 9, 2010

(Indianapolis, IN) – Many fans, both of the Colts and the NFL in general, were disappointed to see the Colts pull their starters in a close game in week 16 against the New York Jets, leading to a loss, and the end of their previously undefeated season.

As head coach Jim Caldwell explained, the Colts were simply trying to maximize their chance to win in the post-season. You know, even though a team wins the Super Bowl every single year, and a team has only gone undefeated once in history. So the trade-off totally made sense.

And the Colts are poised to make another controversial decision. Read more