Colts to Rest Starters for the Postseason to Ensure Freshness for Next Year’s Playoffs

January 9, 2010

(Indianapolis, IN) – Many fans, both of the Colts and the NFL in general, were disappointed to see the Colts pull their starters in a close game in week 16 against the New York Jets, leading to a loss, and the end of their previously undefeated season.

As head coach Jim Caldwell explained, the Colts were simply trying to maximize their chance to win in the post-season. You know, even though a team wins the Super Bowl every single year, and a team has only gone undefeated once in history. So the trade-off totally made sense.

And the Colts are poised to make another controversial decision.

Caldwell has said that he intends to rest his starters for this year’s playoffs, up to and including the Super Bowl. Why? He wants to ensure they are fresh and rested for next year’s postseason.

“It’s a debatable strategy, I’ll give you that,” Caldwell said at a press conference Saturday morning, just hours before the playoffs were set to begin. “But the goal of every team is to win in the postseason, and to win a Super Bowl. And I’m just trying to give us the best chance to do that. You know. Next year.”

Given how uncertain performance is from year to year, it is bizarre that the Colts would forgo this year’s playoffs for an arguably slightly better chance next year.

“I’m not sure I understand the decision, or much of anything really,” Colts star quarterback Peyton Manning said. “But now I’m free to film that Super Bowl commercial Activia has been asking me about. ‘Poop that poop.’ Yeah.”

Speaking of the playoffs and the Super Bowl, when you go down the list of Super Bowl betting games, in 14 of the 43 Super Bowls there has been a double-digit favorite. That seems unusually high as the two teams theoretically would be the two best in the NFL, and not much separating them. However, in the Super Bowl betting games matchup this season, if the teams listed as the top two favorites in the league go through to the big game in Miami, it is unlikely that the Indianapolis Colts will be a very big favorite over the New Orleans Saints or vice versa. If we have upsets in the post-season, we can’t predict how that Super Bowl betting line is going to go!


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  1. TheBiggerOfBros on January 13th, 2010 12:36 am

    I can’t help but think that my fantasy finals struggles partly inspired this brilliant piece.

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