Cubs Announce Rotation, Strike Fear in the Hearts of Cubs Fans

March 27, 2010

(Mesa, AZ) – Spring Training is winding down, and Major League Baseball teams are making their final roster decisions. Who to keep on the roster, who to stash on the bench or the bullpen. The Chicago Cubs are no different, and face the very same decisions heading into the 2010 season.

They knocked one off the list yesterday, when manager Lou Piniella announced that pitchers Carlos Silva and Tom Gorzelanny would enter the season as the back two starters in the Cubs’ rotation. Almost instantly, you could feel a tremor rumble through the nation. A fear. A terror. The Chicago Cubs’ rotation was striking fear in the hearts of many. And all of those hearts belong to Cubs fans. Read more

New Cub Carlos Silva Ready to Kick Ass, Take Names – Will Start with the Names Part

March 14, 2010

(Mesa, Arizona) – For the most part, the Chicago Cubs sport the same faces as they did last season. There were few departures and few new arrivals, but one of the new guys is hoping to show his teammates that he’s ready to participate at a minimally acceptable level.

New Cubs pitcher Carlos Silva, acquired from the Seattle Mariners in exchange for malcontent Milton Bradley, is fighting for a spot in the rotation, and he says this is the year that he’ll kick some ass. Maybe. Read more

Ozzie Guillen’s Twitter Account Clearly Hacked

March 3, 2010

(Chicago, IL) – The baseball world is preparing for the start of Spring Training games, but the biggest news is still coming from off the field.

Last week, it was revealed that Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had signed up for a Twitter account, and would be tweeting his thoughts throughout the season. Guillen, known for his no-hold’s-barred communication style, promised the experience to be fun and interesting for all of his fans.

But shortly after Guillen signed up, something must have gone wrong. Surely the tweets that started appearing couldn’t actually be coming from Ozzie. Read more