Fans Clearly Growing Tired of Alfonso Soriano’s Entourage

April 18, 2010

soriano-entourage(Chicago, IL) – It’s early in the 2010 season, and although the Chicago Cubs haven’t been that bad, the boo birds are already out in full force. Their favorite target? Gimpy left fielder Alfonso Soriano.

But according to fans, they aren’t just booing Soriano because of his miles-long swing or his pathetic defense. Apparently they’ve grown tired of his prima donna status, as evinced by his newfound entourage. Read more

Man Stalking Cubs is Probably Kevin Millar

April 6, 2010


(Atlanta, GA) – The Chicago Cubs opened the 2010 season yesterday with a resounding thud against the Atlanta Braves. It seems the team had trouble shaking off the rust from Spring Training and a long offseason. Starting pitching difficulties and bullpen experience issues continue to haunt the Cubs like a grim specter from years passed, following them everywhere they go.

And if that were the only creepy thing following the Cubs, they might be able to accept it. Read more