Piniella to Castro: I Told You to Keep Your Damn Balloons Away from the Power Lines

May 29, 2010

(Chicago, IL) – On Wednesday, the lights went out.

The Chicago Cubs were hosting the Los Angeles Dodgers at Wrigley Field Wednesday night when, as pitcher Tom Gorzelanny pitched to Blake DeWitt, power in the area went out. During the resulting delay, crews scrambled to turn the lights back on at Wrigley, and the Cubs scrambled to discover the source of the power outage.

It wasn’t long before manager Lou Piniella determined an old nemesis was the cause: shortstop Starlin Castro’s bundle of balloons.

“I keep telling that kid to keep his damn balloons outta my yard, and away from the power lines,” Piniella groused from behind his Bob Evans breakfast platter Saturday morning. “Every week it’s something with that kid. Balloons where they shouldn’t be, Power Ranger dolls at the bottom of the dugout steps, and that damn Justin Beaver tape blaring at all hours.”

The balloon incident was apparently the culmination of a month-long back and forth between Piniella and Castro, who is fascinated by the “floatiness” of the balloons.

“He’s always carrying those things around, skipping and whistling. I’ve told him it’s dangerous,” Piniella said. “I try to swipe him with a broom, but I can’t reach him from my seat, and I also can’t get the broom over my bulbous, old man belly.”

Despite Piniella’s¬†admonitions, Castro was unapologetic for his role in the blackout.

“I like balloons!” Castro chirped as his eyes twinkled with wonder. “I let them go and they made a big boom! It was like ka-pow!”


One Response to “Piniella to Castro: I Told You to Keep Your Damn Balloons Away from the Power Lines”

  1. Josh on May 29th, 2010 9:37 pm

    It’s too bad they didn’t tell us this at the game. Would have eased the terribleness of the the Cubs’ play.

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