Chicago Cubs Eagerly Awaiting Call from Pac-10

June 13, 2010

(Chicago, IL) – The 2010 season has been unkind to the Chicago Cubs, who’ve plodded along with minimal success despite a bloated payroll. There is no sign of refuge on the horizon, and sources indicate that the front office has stopped hoping that the team will right the ship.

Instead, the team is looking to make a move. A big move. And it’s not a trade deadline deal they’re looking to make – the Cubs are hoping to be the next team invited to join the Pac-10.

The college sports world has been thrown into upheaval over the past couple of weeks as conferences are poised to realign, shift, change, and perhaps disappear altogether. It began with last week’s announcements that Nebraska was jumping from the Big 12 to the Big 10, and Colorado was also leaving the Big 12, but in favor of the Pac-10. And the latter move is rumored to be just the beginning of an expansion out West, which the Pac 10 hopes will net it five more teams.

The Chicago Cubs hope to be one of those teams.

“It’s an exciting time in the sports world,” new Cubs owner Tom Ricketts explained to the media on Sunday afternoon. “We think we are on the precipice of seismic changes, and we believe the Chicago Cubs should be at the forefront of those changes. Let’s face it. There’s very little for this team in the world of Major League Baseball these days.”

While the Pac-10 will no doubt add at least one other program before all is said and done, the chances that it will be a professional sporting team are reportedly slim. Ricketts was undeterred when reminded that his team was a professional baseball team, and not a collegiate institution.

“Look, we can add other sports, if that’s the issue. Carlos Zambrano would make one hell of a linebacker, and Mike Fontenot has a rhythmic gymnastics routine that would knock your socks off. And if it’s an educational thing, I promise you: just watch Ryan Theriot play a game or two, and you’ll realize that we already have a team full of guys as bright as any college football team.”


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