Cam Newton’s Father Declares Cam Newton Eligible for NFL Draft

January 13, 2011

(Auburn, AL) – Fresh on the heels of a dramatic 22-19 win in the BCS National Championship Game over the Oregon Ducks, Auburn’s controversial quarterback Cam Newton is going pro.

Though he says it was the product of a long and difficult decision-making process, ultimately, he realized the time was right to make a move. That’s why, on Thursday, Cam Newton’s father, Cecil Newton, declared that Cam Newton would be making himself eligible for the 2011 NFL Draft.

“We’ve appreciated our time at Auburn, and want to extend our sincere thanks to Coach Chizik, Cam’s teammates, and the boosters,” Cecil Newton said, tears softly falling from his eyes, a gleaming Heisman trophy held at the crook of his arm. “But for now, the best thing for Cam, and his future, is to take his talents to the NFL where he can make me some real money.”

Cecil says he hasn’t given much thought to where he hopes his son will be drafted, or what team he will play for.

“When the time is right, I’ll let Cam know where he’ll be playing next year. The last thing I want to happen is to have him all excited to play for the Carolina Panthers only to learn that they aren’t going to pony up the cash. And then he’s got to settle for playing for the Bills or the Browns. No, sir, I won’t put my son through that kind of disappointment.”

Cam, himself, did not surface at the press conference, but reporters caught up with the star quarterback, gathering his things at his Auburn apartment.

When asked whether he struggled with the decision given that his team would have a chance to compete for back-to-back national championships next year, Cam Newton was indignant.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me be clear: whatever the Auburn Tigers were doing without my knowledge this year is none of my business. I may have been playing in the games, I may have been the star quarterback, and I may have received all of the accolades associated with an undefeated season. But I had no idea of what the team was doing on my behalf.”

When asked if he was excited about playing against the best of the best next year, the junior Newton beamed.

“Absolutely,” Cam explained, “it will be nice to finally get to keep some of my own earnings.”


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