Carlos Marmol Fight Imminent

March 3, 2011

(Mesa, AZ) – It’s been a rough first week of Spring Training action for the Chicago Cubs. Poor offense, weak pitching, and miserable defense have conspired to leave the Cubs not only with a losing record, but also with an extremely frustrated manager.

The low point happened just after the first inning of Wednesday’s game against the Brewers. With shoddy defense behind him, starting rotation hopeful Carlos Silva gave up six runs in a disastrous first inning, and then got into a dugout fight with teammate Aramis Ramirez. The scene was eerily reminiscent of a fight last June between pitcher Carlos Zambrano and former Cub Derrek Lee, again, after a rough first inning.

Ramirez says things have been smoothed over with Silva, but things are still quite tense in the clubhouse. That’s in large part, sources say, because ever since the Silva-Ramirez tilt, pitcher Carlos Marmol has desperately been trying to pick a fight.

“It’s hard to say the reason for sure,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “And far be it from me to speculate, but as sure as my batting average will be below .230 in the far too many games I start behind the plate this year, I believe it’s because Marmol thinks all the pitching Carloses have to fight.”

With three pitchers on the Cubs named Carlos, each with a fiery temperament, and two already having had interteam fights, it would be understandable if Marmol just wanted to fit in with the other two.

“I think it’s a status thing,” the source went on. “Silva and Zambrano are much bigger than Marmol, and I think Marmol doesn’t want to feel like he’s the weaker, smaller Carlos.”

Whatever the reason, Marmol has repeatedly baited teammates since Wednesday.

“I saw him give Matt Garza a wet willy, and I saw him pants Kosuke Fukudome. Believe me, that second one was more likely to get the rest of us ready to fight Marmol.”

Still, no teammate has gone after Marmol despite his efforts. The source thinks Marmol won’t give up until somebody brawls with him, or until he can finally beat the Gatorade machine in hand-to-hand combat.


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