Starlin Castro Scuttles “Saturday” Plans After Rebecca Black Fiasco

March 18, 2011

(Mesa, AZ) – Spring has gone along well enough for the Chicago Cubs. Although they sport a losing record, individual players feel good about where they stand, and most are optimistic heading into the final two weeks of Spring Training.

None has fared better than young shortstop Starlin Castro, who is hitting .410 with three home runs on the Spring.

But Castro, for all his on-field success, remains unsatisfied with his professional life. Like most celebrities, Castro yearns to be something he isn’t yet: a singer.

In and out of the recording studio for more than a year, Castro had designs on releasing his debut track this weekend. The song, entitled “Saturday,” recounts a typical Saturday for the star shortstop, set to a melodic, if sophomoric, tune.

Among the high points, Castro notes that “It’s Saturday, I’m waking up, I think I’ll go to the ballpark so I have to get my car, but first I’ll eat some cereal, maybe Frosted Flakes, oh wait I have Count Chocula, I really like that cereal, I might hit a home run today with my homies chilling on first base, and second base, and third base…”

But at the last minute, Castro and his manager decided to hold off on releasing the song until “later this year.” Unconfirmed reports say that the decision was based in large part on recent Internet punching bag, Rebecca Black, and her ironic, awful hit song, “Friday.”

“They’re going to wait on ‘Saturday,’” an unnamed source said of the decision. “But they’re going back to the studio next week to work on some new songs like ‘I Am Currently Playing Shortstop,’ ‘My Heart is Beating Faster Than Usual Because I’m Exercising,’ and ‘The Sky Appears to Be Blue When I Look at It.’”


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