Baltimore Orioles Make Unsuccessful Offer to Peyton Manning

March 11, 2012

(Baltimore, MD) – It’s been a rough offseason for the Baltimore Orioles. Scratch that. It’s been a rough few years for the Baltimore Orioles.

Correction. It’s been a rough decade for the Baltimore Orioles. After fighting their way to the basement of the brutal AL East, the franchise repeatedly finds itself un-chosen by the very free agents who could possibly help drag it back to respectability.

And it’s happened once again.

Having already whiffed on the likes of Prince Fielder and Edwin Jackson this year, the Orioles thought they’d had a gift dropped in their lap when, last week, the Indianapolis Colts released long-time quarterback, and now heavily-sought-after free agent, Peyton Manning.

But, for obvious reasons, Manning, too, has rebuffed the Orioles’ advances, which included a 10-year, $285 million offer.

“I understand that there’s history there, with Baltimore and the Colts,” Manning said. “But I don’t play baseball. I mean, I certainly could play baseball for the Orioles. But, let’s be honest – if I were going to play baseball, I wouldn’t be signing with the Orioles.”

Orioles’ GM Dan Duquette was near tears over yet another denial.

“Guys like Manning don’t just come along every year, and we really thought he would be a difference maker for us,” Duquette said. “Late 30s, multiple neck surgeries, declining skills, and outrageous contract demands? He was the total package as far as we were concerned.”

Duquette says the team will go back to the drawing board, and probably continue its rebuilding efforts in the hopes of landing LeBron James in 2017.

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