5-Minute Superfan

The 5-Minute Superfan is on hiatus until further notice…

Do you consider yourself a pretty big fan of daaaa Chicago Cubs, but you get a little nervous discussing the team in front of your hardcore fan friends? Do you wish you knew more about the intricacies of the Cubs, and of Major and Minor League Baseball, generally? Are you too lazy or stupid to spend the time necessary to get to a level of knowledge about the team that you could truly call yourself a “Superfan”?

Ok, that’s a bit harsh. Let’s try this. Are you really busy, and find that following the Chicago Cubs every day of the week is impossible for your schedule?

Then let us introduce you to the 5-Minute Superfan. The 5-Minute Superfan is a weekly roundup of all things Cubs. It’s a thorough, but brief way to catch up on the Cubs. It’s a way for you to spend but five minutes a week catching up on the Cubs and still be (or at least sound like) a true Cubs Superfan.

We, of course, try to incorporate our own unique brand of humor* into each weekly edition, but more importantly, we cram the 5-Minute Superfan full of everything you need to know from the past week – and then some – of Chicago Cubs baseball. It’s a quick, easy, funny way to keep tabs on the Cubs, and maybe learn a thing or two about the team that you wouldn’t have to time to go find out yourself.

If that sounds good to you, check out The 5-Minute Superfan. Talk like a Cubs Superfan without doing all the hard work.

*Note that “humor” is a relative term.