Cubs Goodies

Although parody news is our specialty here at the Brickyard, we’ve got a bunch of other useful/funny Chicago Cubs resources for you. Check ‘em out. Or else.

Chicago Cubs Inspiration – Ever seen those “Inspirational” posters? Well, this is our collection. Some pretty funny ones, if we do say so ourselves. And we do. Often.

Chicago Cubs Jokes – A collection of the best Cubs, Cardinals, White Sox, etc. jokes on the web.

Chicago Cubs 2008 Draft – Well what do you know, it’s a run down of the Cubs’ 2008 draft. We know, the name is deceptive.

Sons of Ivy – The greatest Chicago Cubs message board on the ‘net, hands down. Knowledgeable posters? Check. Hilarious posters? Check. Tons of annoying rules? No check.